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Adjustable pellet seater in Brass
Adjustable pellet seater, for Break Barrel Airguns, Can be used for all calibre's for greater accuracy and power. If you count the number of turns then you can set it for all the different guns that you...
Adjustable Pellet Sizer Stainless Steel .177 & .22
Our Adjustable Pellet sizer in High quality Stainless Steel, the picture now Shows the sizer fitted with the two outer Allen screws made of Stainless steel. The standard sizer has an oblong steel ejector...
Air Arms TX 200 Adjustable SS Piston Rod
TX 200 Adjustable piston rod with extra long threads for a lot of adjustment to get the maximum stroke. This is made of Stainless Steel. TX 200 or Pro Sport Piston To Make the piston adjustable. Remove...
Airgun Spring/Piston Tuning kit
Airgun (Spring/Piston) Tuning kit Kit Include Stainless Steel Spring Guide, PTFE Piston Washer, Heavy Duty Breech seal (if required) Set of four Lubes, Lube instructions, Transfer Port dimensions and Beast...
Crosman Silencer Adaptor Black 2240/2250/2260 models
Crosman Rat Buster, Rat Catcher, and Rabbit Stopper Silencer Adaptor. Made from Aluminium for lightweight. Fixes to barrel with Locktite so it sets more accurately than those that use a grub screw that...
Feinwerbau S300 Target Rifle Genuine Service kit.
Feinwerkbau S300 Service Kit. Genuine Includes: Piston Buffer Breech Seal Pair of two mainsprings Mainspring Seperator, goes between the two springs. photo to follow
Feinwerkbau Sport
Feinwerkbau Sport. Specially made High quality Aluminium Trigger (left), as the standard ones would break, The Mark 1 had a plastic trigger (the one on the right) and the Mark 2 had a weak alloy one. There...
Feinwerkbau Sport Roughed out to finish diy
Feinwerkbau Sport roughed out for diy finish. Specially made High quality Aluminium Trigger (left), as the standard ones would break, The Mark 1 had a plastic trigger (the one on the right) and the Mark...
Gat Diana Mk2 pistols pellet pusher Stainless Steel
Replacement pellet pusher for Gat or Original Mod 2 type pop out air pistols. Made of Stainless Steel with a long life black or white synthetic seal. Extra seals are available under the options tab.
Remington Express Poly Washer
New Piston Washer for the Remington Express. I have got some new washers for the Remington and they have been made in Germany. The Remington is a good gun but is let down by the assembly line. All the...
Remington Express Stainless Steel Spring guide
Tuning parts for the Remington Express .22 or .177 stainless steel spring guide that will never break or buckle. Photo is of a Stainless Steel Spring guide for a Weihrauch 97 but the Remington is similar,...
Spring Guide for Weihrauch HW 80 in Stainless Steel, Precision fitting+thrust ..
Stainless Steel Spring guide and Rear Thrust washer for the Weihrauch HW 80 The thrust washer will go on the outside of the Spring Guide. This allows the spring to wind and unwind. Made in Stainless Steel...
Stainless Steel Top Hat and P Weights
Stainless Steel Top Hat and two Piston Weights for Spring Piston Airguns. See the drop down menu for available guns. Photo shows a set for the HW 80.
Theoben Gas ram conversion to Spring
Theoben Gas ram conversion to our Beast Mainspring. Includes Mainspring, Stainless Steel Spring Guide, lubes, and lube instructions, and piston washer, and Heavy Duty Breech Seal. This for the many customers...
Walther LGV Master or Competition Tuning parts P Weights
Walther LGV and LGU Air Rifle See photo. Piston weight set for fine tuning the LGV. This consists of one top hat made of steel and two plain piston weights so you can set your gun close to the limit of...
Weihrauch 80 New Type Cocking Slipper
Weihrauch 80 New Type Cocking lever shoe or Slipper. No 9452.May need a little fitting if fitting to the older model 80.
Weihrauch 97 / 77 Stainless Steel Stock nut B1332
Stainless Steel Nut that goes into the rear of the HW 77/97 models. Holds the anti bear trap and then the stock screw. I have done a few photos to show you the different angles, but this is for one Stock...
Weihrauch Quick Detachable cocking arm front pin
Stainless Steel quick detachable front pin (Part Number 8908 Rivet) for the HWs 80, 35 50 55 etc. Made of Stainless Steel, with a C clip on one end. Makes it much easier to pull out and disconnect the...
Weihrauch Rear set Stainless Steel trigger
Rear Set 6 mm wide Stainless Steel trigger for the HW Record type triggers. The standard one is made of a soft alloy like mazak, these can crack around the pivot hole or just break. I have made this trigger...
Weihrauch Rear set Stainless Steel trigger satin finish. 6 mm wide.
Satin finish, not polished for you to finish how you like. Some shooters like a satin finish for extra grip, but also to save money as these are cheaper. Rear Set Stainless Steel trigger for the HW Record...