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Weihrauch Rear set Stainless Steel trigger
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Weihrauch Rear set Stainless Steel trigger Summary

Weihrauch Rear set Stainless Steel trigger

Rear Set 6 mm wide Stainless Steel trigger for the HW Record type triggers. The standard one is made of a soft alloy like mazak, these can crack around the pivot hole or just break. I have made this trigger to be set back closer to the pistol grip for better feel and trigger control. And it won't break. Comes with a trigger tuning kit which includes, shims to remove side play, moly grease and a shorter adjusting screw.
For fitting by Professional or someone who knows how to tune triggers. Do not buy these if you do not have the skill to fit as they cannot be refunded due to poor fitting skill. These change the whole feel of the gun. Reduces trigger finger stretching forward, and most shooters are not aware they are stretching.
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