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Walther LGV Master or Competition Tuning parts P Weights
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Walther LGV Master or Competition Tuning parts P Weights Summary

Walther LGV Master or Competition Tuning parts P Weights

Walther LGV and LGU Air Rifle 

See photo.

Piston weight set for fine tuning the LGV.

This consists of one top hat made of steel and two plain piston weights so you can set your gun close to the limit of your country. Makes a total of three altogether. Sizes may vary slightly than the drawing which is just to give you an idea.
The maximum that some LGVs take is 3 but some may not take all 3. Hence you get three altogether, but the gun may take less dependant on what spring you use. To test if the gun will cock then put the weights in and then drop the spring guide in to see if the rear touches the rear of the piston. If it does then it would not be them that prevent the gun from cocking, but too many coils amongst other things like trigger etc.
Don't set the gun too close as we have found that they can increase  by a foot pound after running in. We now set them around the 10.5 to 11 ft lbs to allow for this. We found that it only took a week or two of shooting to settle down very close the 12. Don't forget that if you put too many in then the gun will not cock. Before assembly just drop the amount of weights that you intend to put in the piston, then drop the spring guide into the back of the piston. If the rear larger part the spring guide touches the rear of the piston then the gun should cock, so long as you have not put too many spring coils in.

It takes a lot to get me enthusiastic about a new spring air rifle (last one was the HW 80, The one before that was the Feinwerkbau Sport) but the LGV is good. We could also supply them on FAC if you have the FAC.

When it designed the Walther LGV Master, focused on improving the repeat accuracy of the hinge, an essential precision factor in a break-barrel rifle. This was achieved by means of a new barrel with positive locking, representing a significant improvement over the non-positive barrel locks used in break-barrel systems up to that time.

Now, almost 50 years after developing the first LGV, a new break-barrel rifle is presented: the LGV 2012. Decades of experience plus enormous technical expertise have gone into the new models in this series. Shooters will discover totally new qualities in a break-barrel rifle: never has shooting been so quiet and free of vibrations, and increased accuracy is the reward.

The new LGV series – Premium Quality. Made in Germany.

.22 calibre

Break barrel spring-powered air rifle

Innovative Super Silent Technology for smooth firing

Vibration Reduction System for increased accuracy

Adjustable match trigger (first stage travel and trigger weight)

Wedge lock with release lever

Automatic trigger safety

Beech stock with chequered grip

Metal Micrometer rear sight, fore sight holder with multiple inserts

Barrel length: 400mm

Weight: 4.2kg

Premium quality

Made in Germany
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