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SMK 501 Tuning kit
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SMK 501 Tuning kit Summary

SMK 501 Tuning kit

TR ROBB Airgun Specialist. SMK 501 Tuning and Service Kit. Professional Tuning parts Saves you bodging it up and makes it more reliable with British made parts. Includes modified exhaust valve with seal fitted (ours is made of Stainless Steel with a brass head which unscrews for easy seal replacement, (unlike the std one), stainless steel piercer, Moly 33 grease, MS 1 lube, and a main set of high quality replacement seals including the Barrel, front cap, bolt probe O ring and O ring for the rear of the exhaust valve. These seals are good. I can do the other seals like the cylinder end and inlet release valve separately if required, Check the power after fitting to make sure the gun does not exceed 12 ft lbs. Make sure you use a reputable high quality Chronograph because we have had some customers worried that their guns have gone over or are well under after fitting our kit, only to find when it is checked on a proper chronograph that it is doing very well at 11.5 ft lbs. Don't forget to state which calibre you require or .22 will be sent. Always check the power to make sure the gun does not exceed your limit of your country, after changing any parts.
Now also named Rabbit Destroyer
T R Robb
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