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SMK 501 Seal Set
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Relief Valve return spring in Stainless Steel
SMK 501 Seal Set Summary

SMK 501 Seal Set

501 Seal Kit full set including the exhaust valve seal to fit my Exhaust valve, and the large one for the reservoir bottom (SMK Call it a Frame seal).
The front cap O ring is special for the front and the red one is for the valve body. The exhaust valve seal is made for our exhaust that can be unscrewed to replace the seal. To replace the seal in our exhaust valve you simply unscrew the stainless steel shaft and remove the old seal, the put our new seal in with the shines side facing out and the dull side at the back. The standard one is riveted so cannot easily be changed.
Seal Kit includes:
Front Cap, Black Heavy Duty X 2
Valve Body, outer Red X 1
Valve Body, Inner Red X 1
Valve Body, Rear small same as Bolt Probe X 1.
Reservoir body, (Frame Seal No25)  Grey or White X 1. Now thicker.
Exhaust Valve, Orange Place with smooth side out X 1.
Release Valve, Orange Place with smooth side out X 1.
Bolt Probe, Small Black X 1.
Barrel, Black X 2.
Sachet Molykote 33 For seal lubrication.
Please Note that the colours may vary.

T R Robb
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