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Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel HE
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Add an extra seal to use the other side
Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel HE Summary

Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel HE

Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel HE (made with reduced lost volume ie. only two holes instead of 4 and Better seal angle), also comes with two easy fit Lead seal replacement in synthetic material that is easier to fit than the standard lead seal, that seals against the brass nut, this holds the exhaust valve body in. The standard seal is lead and is easily damaged in transit which makes it harder to fit as it is normally never round. Our replacement is very easy to fit instead, and keeps its shape. These can be used either side of the valve body. This is what we use when we repair the Sheridan/Benjamin.
This body has only two holes rather than four to reduce the lost volume. It would also help power if you lined up one of the two holes with the transfer port when assembling.
You can add the special tool made of Stainless Steel for only £10.95 when purchased with the valve body.
Our synthetic seals can also be used as a seal for the other side of the brass valve housing. You will need two if the black seal on the other side is damaged.
Stainless Steel nut is also available separately.The latest Sheridan/Benjamin have a removable valve body so these are not for the latest ones.
I have put some photos of the parts for you to see the special tool. This tool has the thread on one end and the Nut at the other. You can also see how the Brass reacts when not used for a while. It looks like it has reacted with moisture or oxygen or both.
This is for the Valve Body and easy fit seal. The other parts will be put on later, I have shown them for illustration purposes.
T R Robb
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