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Sheridan Benjamin Modified high power quality hammer spring
Sheridan or Benjamin high quality hammer spring for the Sheridan/Benjamin pump ups and some of their Co2 guns. Stronger than the Original. These are full length but can be cut down if required. Always...
Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel High Power
Sheridan Exhaust Valve body in Stainless Steel HE (made with reduced lost volume ie. only two holes instead of 4 and Better seal angle), also comes with two easy fit Lead seal replacement in synthetic...
Sheridan Exhaust Valve Cap nut in Stainless Steel
Sheridan Exhaust Valve Cap in Stainless Steel. I have put some photos of the standard parts for you to see the special tool. Also shown is our Synthetic seal to replace the lead one that is hard to fit...
Sheridan lead seal replacement in synthetic material easy fitting
Sheridan Lead seal replacement in synthetic material that is easier to fit than the standard lead seal that seals against the brass nut that holds the exhaust valve in. The standard seal is lead and is...
Sheridan Modified Exhaust valve
Sheridan Modified Exhaust valve, fraction longer than standard, but can also be unscrewed to replace the seal, unlike the original standard one. If you want one for a Benjamin then check the diameter of...
Sheridan Modified replacement inlet seal to fit the brass carrier
Photo shows our red inlet valve seal and brass carrier, but this is just for the inlet valve seal that you are purchasing (you can usually reuse the brass carrier). If you want the Stainless Steel carrier...