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SMK 501 Modified Piercer Body in Aluminium
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SMK 501 Modified Piercer Body in Aluminium Summary

SMK 501 Modified Piercer Body in Aluminium

Modified Piercer Body, High Flow for the SMK 501. This does away with the tube, gauze, filter and steel washer if fitted, although they have copied my design. Do not try to fit the Tube, Filter, washer or gauze into our valve piercer body, we have made ours for more efficiency and power. Helps to bring the gun nearer the UK limit of 12 ft. lbs. Standard they are normally between 10 or a little more. The 501 gun can exceed the legal UK limit so keep an eye on the power after any work you do. Bedding in and temperature can affect the power so check regularly. The standard hammer spring can be shortened to reduce the power if required. 

We have done two extra part drilled holes in the end so that they could be drilled through to gain a little extra power, but don't waste your time drilling them through as they don't make much difference.

Always check the power to make sure the gun does not exceed your limit, after changing any parts.
You can sometimes re-use the old seal but I have added an option of a new cylinder end seal at £3.95 (SMK call it a Frame Seal) if you want one. If required just select it under the options when you order.

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