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Open today the 02 04 2015 then closed for Easter and recovery. See below.
Hospital Weekend 28th 03 2015 to Monday 31st. Getting over the procedure did not go too well so I am better to morrow. Wednesday. It was the worst I have ever been but getting better now hope to be better soon.

Save £39.95 off normal price.

Special Deal on 
NEW XS 78 Co2 Rifle. Buy the tuning kit and the gun for only £108.00 for callers. Add £30.00 for the Deluxe QB 78. While stocks last. Don't forget to bring proof of address. New SMK 501 in stock limited amount. Two stage trigger more power get the Exhaust Valve, seals etc for only £27.50

Normal opening times are: Thursday and Friday 10 till 5 pm.

New Opening times due to making extra parts.
Check this page for Especially Closed days like Hospital or Holidays before travelling.

Note for overseas customers, to save any delay of your order make sure you select the correct country or we cannot process your order.

NOW IN Stock JSB .22 in heavy 18.13 Grain & 16 Grain I have imported these especially for those who asked for them.

To make sure I have what you want when c
oming from a long way, it is best to pre order so I have time to make it, before you call.   If I don't have the bits in stock then I need a little time to make them.
The New SMK 501 I will be making some custom and tuning parts for this Now.
The performance can be very good. It is pretty good out of the box.
Special introductory price is only £135.00 while stocks last. Callers only. Waiting for new stock soon.

Note for overseas customers, to save any delay of your order make sure you select the correct country or we cannot process your order.

Checkout the New Remington High performance low cost air rifle in .177 and .22. £149.00 with a 4 X 32 scope and mounts. I am making some tuning parts now for the Remington to make them even better. These are very good, especially when you consider the price. Accurate and powerful. Can easy do the UK limit in 177 or 22.

Alarm Mines in stock now.


Be aware that I may not be able to answer the phone When very busy, and serving customers.

Please be aware that I have to make the parts which is why I am closed on the Monday Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Specialising in tuning and customising kits / Parts and replacement parts for most Airguns including superseded and obsolete models.

I have been experimenting with alarm mines that use 6 mm 8 mm and 9 mm blanks as I found the 12 bore blanks to be far too much in some cases. I also do a converter for the 12 bore blank too 9 mm rimmed. These are on this site. If you are interested then please let me know.

The cost of posting has risen a lot and with changes to the size of packets it now costs £3.20 for a light package if it is thicker than 25 mm. Prices on this site include VAT and POST.

New and Used Guns Bought and Sold. Suspect guns can be handed in or checked.

Crosman Logo was: Power without Powder
Sheridan Logo was: If you want more power then buy a 22 rimfire.

 This site is constantly being updating, adding more products and information on a weekly basis.
Possibly Retiring from the shop in the next year or so.

IMPORTANT: If you are sending an order enquiry by email, please supply your order Number.

   All prices include postage & VAT in the UK.

 Other countries will be + 15% for overseas post.

When paying via Paypal or Credit Card, please make sure any pop up or ad blockers are disabled in your browser. 

The legal limit for an air rifle in the UK is 12 ft pounds, 6 ft pounds for air pistols. You must not exceed this limit. Fitting any new parts may affect the power of your gun. Countries such as the USA like some States may be exempt from this law.
18 logoNo one under the age of 18 can purchase any item from this site. 
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