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Welcome to T R Robb Airgun Specialist

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We now have a New Sainsbury's next door to us.

Some price reductions on many parts.

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On Thursdays and Fridays (10 till 16.55) we are always open unless stated Immediately below.

FAC Parts
I am often asked if my parts can be used for FAC Parts, but there is nothing to say that this is FAC or otherwise, but if you ask for FAC Then I would need to see your certificate before I can sell it to you. I make my parts to be more efficient to get more shots and to get the power nearer the legal limit. 

Prices include the post for the UK
You do not need to add post if you are in the UK.
Only if you need posting abroad, Higher Value Posting overseas should be tracked but this will add £11.00 to your order. Let me know if you require this service.

Please note that when I am very busy serving customers and getting orders out, I may not always be able to answer the phone, especially when I am a bit behind with the orders.

Please allow at least 14 days for delivery.  Although they are normally posted First class within a day or two and a lot of customers get them next day but that depends on when you order.  If you want to add tracked then let me know as it costs about 2.00 to £4.00 extra. Items will generally be tracked or signed for overseas.

You can call in the shop to buy over the counter, on Thursday or Friday's, or when open on Saturdays, this would be shown on this page when I am going to be open on the Saturday. Please note that we are not open Saturdays unless stated on this home page.

We now offer a front sight removal service for the SMK 501 just bring the gun in and wait ten minutes. Cost is £9.50 or if you are buying our silencer adaptor the cost is only £5.00. The silencer adaptors are £15.00 with the standard Aluminium colour. I have some anodised in black now, just click on the options to select. To remove the front sight and fit our silencer adaptor is £21.00, if you want one of the best (HW) silencers as well it will cost £70.00. We can screw cut your barrel for just £45.00 if you bring in just the barrel. We have the new HW Silencers and they are £55.00 we still have not found a silencer better than the HW. I have a new silencer now that is similar to the HW but is only £35.00. Note that there are not many any where near as quite as the HW. If they were then I would sell them, see above.

New and used airguns, Tuning and Custom Parts.

There are instructions on how to use our pellet sizer etc and other things on this website under How to ???

New guns in 03 11 2016
SMK PR 900 + 700 target pistol in, Very good Value, sale deal.

Kral Puncher .22 £395.00 Special Deal.
Very good woodwork.
CP1 Single Shot Target Pistol £135.00 Special Deal of the month get it for only £119.00
To get the Special Deal price just mention Special Deal with the price, and I will do you the Special Deal price of just £119.00.

Please note if you send me an email enquiry, don't forget to put your order Number, phone Number, Name and address with your email.

 I Have put a lot of information on this site to help you get the best from your gun.
NOTE: Orders for the UK are post free. For overseas please select the postage for your country, to prevent any delay or non posting.

We send an email notice on the day we post your order, first class. So you know when to expect delivery.

There are free videos to watch and other important information. See the How to pages.

Bugelspanner .25 calibre. Sale
See under Second hand  Guns page.

New Opening times due to making extra parts.
Check this page for Especially Closed days like Hospital or Holidays before travelling. But I am normally open shown on the above days. It is very rare that I would be shut on a Thursday or Friday, but best to ring if travelling a long way.

Note for overseas customers, to save any delay of your order make sure you select the correct country or we cannot process your order.

To make sure I have what you want when coming
 from a long way, it is best to pre order so I have time to make it, before you call.   If I don't have the bits in stock then I need a little time to make them.
CP1 and M Co2 Pistol in now in Stock 14/01/2016 Click link below for pic.
P1 Multi Picture
CP1 Picture
The New SMK XT/XS T 501 I am making some custom and tuning parts for this Now.

New SMK 501 The performance can be very good. Callers only. They are only £149.00 New with our free Tuning kit. The kit is FREE with the new gun.


New High Quality Heavy weight Pellets in .177 at 10.5 grains 13.43 grains and .22 up to 34 grains.

For Target air rifle bargains we have new 177 Co2 with target aperture sights. Only £165.00 with targets and pellets.Above is the new Pellet from JSB it weights 33.9 grains so is only suitable for the higher power guns.  I will try them in a sub 12 and see how they go. I tested them in a sub
 12ft lbs HW 50 and found to my surprise that they fired with a hefty whack at ten metres,  I have put them along side a normal .22 and .177 pellets for comparison. I also have a couple of tins of the new .30 calibre but these weight around 44 grains. Also got a few .177 JSB Beast Pellets that weigh over 16 grains.

Note for overseas customers, to save any delay of your order make sure you select the correct country or we cannot process your order.
 Please be aware that I have to make the parts which is why I am closed on the Monday Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, please bear this in mind when waiting for your order.

New pellet from Crosman called Piranha. A split head Hollow Point.
IN Stock Now at 11.00 a tin 400

Specialising in tuning and customising kits / Parts and replacement parts for most Airguns including superseded and obsolete models.

The cost of posting has risen a lot and with changes to the size of packets it now costs £3.20 for a light package if it is thicker than 25 mm. Prices on this site include the POST.

New and Used Guns Bought and Sold. Suspect guns can be handed in or checked.

Crosman Logo was: Power without Powder
Sheridan Logo was: If you want more power then buy a 22 rimfire.

 This site is constantly being updating, adding more products and information on a weekly basis.
Possibly Retiring from the shop in the next year. 
There are pros and cons for any gun and any design, like I said to a customer once that the down side of the HW 80 is that it is too heavy, but he said he like a heavy gun so for him it was an advantage but for me it is a disadvantage. So it is up to you what type or design suits what you want, and what you want to use it for.

IMPORTANT: If you are sending an order enquiry by email, please supply your order Number.

   All prices include postage for the UK. 

 Other countries will be + 15% for overseas post.

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The legal limit for an air rifle in the UK is 12 ft pounds, 6 ft pounds for air pistols. You must not exceed this limit. Fitting any new parts may affect the power of your gun. Countries such as the USA and some States may be exempt from this law.
18 logoNo one under the age of 18 can purchase any item from this site.  
See our terms and conditions.

I have been told that the new Scottish Airgun Licence is to come into force on the 31st December and that those in Scotland will be able to apply for a licence from July.

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