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Whats the difference between XS 78 QB 78 etc.

What is the main difference between the SMK Co2 Rifles?

The XS 78 is the more basic rifle while the QB 78 is the Deluxe version.
As mentioned on the XS page, the XS has:
Plastic A frame. while the QB is made of Aluminium.

The barrel thickness is 14 mm QB = OD. QB is 15 mm.

The XS has plain open sights. The QB has fibre optic open sights.

The XS has a plain steel Trigger and Bolt Handle. The QB has a Gold effect.

The XS has a very plain stock. The QB has a better Stock with rubber pad, although now the XS may have a rubber pad.

The TH is the same as the QB except that the it has a Thumb hole Stock which also means that the fixing stud is longer for the deeper Stock.