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Hello Terry. 
Parts arrived. 
Thanku very much. 
I can't believe just how accurate the lgv is. Wow. 

Cheers. Rich


Just a quick note to say thanks for staying open on Saturday for me to collect the LP53 PTFE seal, sized and fitted it Saturday evening and after bedding it in it pistol shoots superbly, 

Now getting very clean holes in the target paper and single hole 5 shot groups, will chrono when the seal settles although the chance of the LP53 going over power is near non existent, the consistency even after arond 50 shots was superb and got better the more pellets that went through it. Cocking is smoother and the firing cycle quieter although that may also have been helped by a full strip, clean and proper lube. (It amazes me how much lube some people put into airguns).

Thanks again 

Wow.. My part arrived for the smk. Fantastic piece. Brilliant thank you. .........    What is the chance of getting a silencer aswell. Mine is bent I have found out. Thanks again for the part I needed. It's top

Thank you so much for the kit, it's really good, The piston and cylinder are so in line the cocking lever falls smoothly to the end of its travel, I've not experienced this with any other parts, nice tight tolerance and very accurate, nudging 16 ft lbs in 177, awesome. Thanks Terry Best regards Pete NZ