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How to, use our adjustable Pellet Sizer

Using our Adjustable pellet sizer.

Our pellet sizer has an adjustable stop that goes through the centre of the sizer body, the sizer has a tapered bore. To use the sizer just drop a pellet into the larger hole at the bottom and press the pellet (with the pusher supplied) until it reaches the stop. By unscrewing the adjuster it will make the pellets smaller, while screwing it in will make the pellets larger, this is when the pellet is pushed to the stop with the brass pusher.

The taper ensures that the front to rear ratio is always the same. This will keep the front smaller than the rear, for optimum power and accuracy. Do not push the pellet into the bore of the Sizer too hard but with practice you will get to know how much pressure the pellets require to get the maximum from them.

The sizer will also correct triangular or out of round pellets to quite a good degree, and will also show up any pellets that are over or undersized from the tin. This will be obvious when you push the pellet to the stop. The loose ones will fall in, and the tight ones will need more of a push.

The more you use the sizer then the more skilled you will become in using and feeling what is correct.
Do not make the pellets too small or they may not grip the rifling enough to be stable.

You can grade the extra loose or tighter ones in batches and keep the best for the more serious shooting.


Pellet sizer