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Crosman Tuning full power

To gain maximum power from the Crosman range of Co2 guns then we recommend that you start with our rear dovetail block (this is modified to increase power), and second you should fit a longer barrel. The longer the better, the maximum we do is 24 inches (but you can order any size up to the 24"). This combination should get you somewhere approaching the legal UK limit. If you still want more than this then you should tune the gun with our tuning kit, making sure you do not exceed the limit of your country. If it is a pistol then the UK legal limit is 6 ft lbs.
Crosman do a Ratcatcher called a 2250
Rat Buster pistol called a 2240
Rabbit stopper called a 2260
There was also a King Ratcatcher but this has been discontinued, I did not like these as there were many more places to leak. Where as the the others have only two possible places to leak, ie the Exhaust valve and Bottle to body seal.