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SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Special tool for removing the valve body.
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Extra Long special Tool for our long reservoir*
SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Special tool for removing the valve body. Summary

SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Special tool for removing the valve body.

Special tool made long enough for removing the Piercer Body on the QB or XS 78. This allows you to remove the piercer body easier without damaging the piercer body because it fits the slotted groove exactly. We can also supply an even longer one for those of you who have our extended Reservoir.  They are available in the options box.
After you remove the piercer body, it is then easy to remove the exhaust valve, spring and piercer even without removing the stock.
If you are removing the piercer and valve etc with the gun still in the stock, there is a certain procedure to follow:
Make sure the gun is empty of Co2 and is not loaded.
Remove the front cap and tip out any bottles (if any) to gain access to the piercer body. Place the tool down into the reservoir until it engages in the wide slot of the piercer body. Pressing firmly down unscrew the body anti clock wise five turns or until it disengages the brass valve body.
Tilt forward with your cupped hand at the front, until the piercer body, valve and spring fall out the front of the reservoir into your hand. If the valve has not fallen out then cock the gun, push the valve back into its brass seat, then hold the gun horizontal, then when you pull the trigger the hammer will knock the valve out into your hand. Be ready to catch it so you do not drop it.
Check the valve seat is clean and clear from debris, and also the valve face. If the gun has been leaking out into the barrel then replace the valve (if it is our one you can change just the seal), the standard valve seal cannot be replaced because it is pressed together.
Now the important bit: When you want to replace the exhaust valve, DO NOT DROP IT BACK IN, but hold the gun horizontal and place the valve in the front, tilt the gun up a little at a time until the valve gradually drops back to the brass valve seat without dropping onto the seal face (because it would dent it and cause a leak even with a new seal). Look down and wiggle the reservoir until the valve drops into the valve hole and seat. Place the valve, spring and piercer into my piercer body and holding the gun horizontal place it into the front of the reservoir. The place the special tool in the front and gradually push to the rear until it touches the brass valve body. You can then keep the pressure on to engage the brass thread and tighten the piercer body.
Then replace the front cap or put one empty Co2 bottle in and then a live one to test for leaks. You will obviously only get half the shots with one bottle, but by using one first, if you still have a leak then you will only waste one bottle.
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