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Theoben Rapid 7 Stainless Steel bottle holder Double high flow
£45.95 inc. tax
Theoben Rapid 7 Stainless Steel bottle holder Double high flow Summary

Theoben Rapid 7 Stainless Steel bottle holder Double high flow

Bargain time for the Rapid 7 Stainless Steel bottle holder, bypasses regulator for owners who are having trouble with the standard regulator that may be leaking, inconsistent or low power. Also suitable if your gun is FAC.
On the inter net these are £86.00.

This bottle holder has an adjustable bottle opening, so it can be set to prevent blowing bottle seals if the valve is opening too early.
It has two holes for a clear fast flow through. We have tried them with six holes and there was no noticeable difference, so we kept two for extra strength.

This is the longer one (30mm) that replaces the regulator type of bottle holder. The early mark 1 had a short bottle holder (20 mm) without any regulator.

This longer one will still fit the early mark 1s but the bottle will be approximately 10 mm further forward. Also includes the inner seal already fitted.

The easiest way to adjust is to fill the bottle, unscrew the centre screw actuator (Grub Screw) so it is clear of the bottle ball valve. Then screw the full bottle on to the holder, while the grub screw is clear of the bottle valve. With the bottle now screwed on to the Bottle Holder, it is then a simple matter of screwing the grub screw in gently until it touches the ball valve, BUT DO NOT SCREW ANYMORE OR YOU WILL OPEN THE BOTTLE VALVE AND GET A BLAST OF HP AIR.
Remove the bottle while still holding the grub screw position. The grub screw now needs to be turned in nearly one turn and Locktite at that position. This is about right (although some guns may vary) to just open the bottle ball valve just as the bottle O ring has sealed. If the bottle opens too early then the high pressure air will blow the O ring bottle.
When ever you are doing up the freshly filled bottle, it is always best to do it up smartly at the end so you do not give it time start pushing the Bottle O ring out of the tiny gap.

Narrow Spanner to fit the bottle holder is available under the options below at £9.95. We have a Combination or Double open ended choice, just select whatever one you prefer.
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