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Adjustable pellet seater in Brass
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Adjustable pellet seater in Brass Summary

Adjustable pellet seater in Brass

Adjustable pellet seater, for Break Barrel Airguns, Can be used for all calibre's for greater accuracy and power. If you count the number of turns then you can set it for all the different guns that you have, but they are cheap enough to have one for each gun. Various versions are shown in the photos. If you have a prefference then let me know, but I may not be able to guarantee the type you want.
This is best used to push the pellet into the barrel by a very small amount to get the best results.
Seating the pellet too deep will lose power, seating correctly can increase accuracy and power.
Very low cost to get the best from your gun.

In the photos you can see that we are using it on my Walther LGV the accuracy is very very good.
T R Robb
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