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The RSPCA has asked for all air guns to be licensed in England and Wales.
They have had a petition for all airguns to be licensed after a lot of cats have been injured with an airgun by some sick individuals. If you know of anyone who wants to shoot cats or other pets then you can blame them for the licensing when it comes into force. Make them aware that to injure a non quarry animal can involve a fine of up to £20.000 and six months in prison. If it was up to me I would treble that.

I get a lot of air gunners who travel with pellets in the magazine. Just to let you be aware that this practice is illegal. The law see it as having a loaded gun, even if the magazine is no where near the gun.

Always make sure that your gun and magazines are empty just to be on the safe side.

The law says that the gun must be covered so it cannot be fired when in a public place.

New law comes into force now. Airgun owners are responsible for keeping their guns safe from children or thieves. The BASC fact sheet can be viewed at:

We recommend joining the BASC for support and insurance.

For more detailed information about the Gun Law then visit the BASC site or your local police site.

You can join the BASC for good insurance cover. This is good when you are asking for permission to shoot, and shows that you are a responsible person. BASC

Below is a link to Essex Police for safety and the latest legislation. You can find your own Police by typing in your area and then police. You can download the latest VCR Act on a PDF file, on this site.
Essex Police

I have put a link below so you can see the latest Airgun Police Guide.
Copy and paste in your internet browser.

At last a Good law.

A new law came into force this month of March 2011. This makes the owner responsible for their airguns to prevent access from unsafe hands. You can see details on the police site.