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Parallax error

What is and how can I test to see if I have parallax error?

You can check if the scope has parallax error at a given range by putting the scoped gun on a rest with the scope set on the bull (or anything else). Then without touching the gun look through the scope and gradually move you’re eye from side to side. If the cross hair moves off the point it was left on, then you have parallax error at that setting. Just because you’re scope has a parallax setting do not assume it is correct, unless you have done this test, at all the ranges you are going to shoot at.

A Telescopic sight that has parallax adjustment should eliminate parallax error when it is set at the range that you are shooting. To check if you have a scope that is true at the range scale on the adjusting wheel, just rest the gun on a gun rest. Set it on a target, and move you’re eye from side to side and see if the cross-hair deflects away from the target that it is set on as mentioned above.