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Our Shop In Benfleet and airgun reports.

Important BENFLEET SHOP Information.

Please ring if coming a long way to make sure that I will be there.

Open, Thursday and Friday 10 till 5 p.m.

Saturdays 10 till 1 p.m. when put that I will be open on the Saturday, so please check the home page to make sure that it says that I will be open on the Saturday. If it does not say  Parking for our customers outside Front of Shop.
We are closed Sunday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These are the
workshop days.

316 High Road
South Benfleet
Tel: 01268 752888

Walther Century air rifle £325.00 collected

There is a new air rifle called a Remington Express break barrel air rifle and 4 X 32 Scope, which is very cheap at £149.00 our price is only £139.00 collected. We have looked at this new gun and think they are very good value.
These can be tuned to the legal limit in .177 or .22. We have .177 in stock.

Our Adjustable Pellet sizer.

Designed to always keep the front smaller than the rear, for optimum velocity. Available in .177 and .22.

Pushing a pellet through a standard die will create a pellet that has the front the same size as the rear. This will cause extra drag. Our adjustable sizer will always keep the front a few thousands of an inch smaller for maximum power. £26.00 for the Stainless Steel .177 or .22. We can make other calibre's especially for £28.00


To order any of our Genuine products you can ring or write to the shop. We take all major credit cards.

There is a new site called the Country Channel. This covers lots of interesting articles, including outdoor sports.

You can find it at:

Airgun Power.

We do tuning kits for the most popular Airguns these are designed to give as close to the legal limit as possible. Some are capable of exceeding the legal limit, in which case coils can be removed from the mainspring (or hammer spring ( for Precharge ) to reduce recoil and power.

There is a degree of knowledge required to get the best out of each individual gun. So study the DVD and all paperwork carefully.

Setting the gun a little under the limit will allow for it to run in and also if you use different pellets and temperature. This is because a lot of guns will increase in power as the parts bed in (same as a car or what ever) but also if different pellets are used. Some will give higher power with a tight fitting pellet and some will lose power with a tight pellet so do the power test with all types of pellets.

When we fit our kits we guarantee the performance will be good for that individual gun (obviously a tiny gun will give small performance). Most full size guns will do close to the legal limit. You can always ring and ask what the expected power capabilities are for the gun you want tuned. Bear in mind that we are very busy because we make all the parts for most guns.

That is why we are closed on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, (workshop days).

High Power Mainsprings (Beast)

Our High Power Mainsprings are made of Swedish Silicon Chrome for the best Performance.

For the most popular models we normally have high power springs in stock, but If you need a new high power mainspring for a rare or unusual airgun, we can usually make a suitable fitting for the gun if you give us the following information.

Outside Diameter of the old spring

Inside Diameter

Wire thickness

Number of coils

We try to give you the best spring for the gun, and for this it can also help to give:

inside diameter of the Piston

The outside diameter of the spring guide

Piston Washers, seals or Valves (Spring, PCP, Pump up or Co2)

Spares for the most popular makes, we will normally have in stock or we can make with a few days notice.

If it is not a popular gun then we may need the outside diameter and other dimensions, or the old one for a pattern.

The fitting type, i.e. countersunk screw, cheese head, Clip on, Clip in or what have you. For PTFE Washers Click on PTFE Washers at the top of this page.

Our Airgun Buyers Guide gives expected power outputs from standard to tuned from most guns that are available. These genuine figures that are real, not like some Magazine tests where all the guns are just under the legal limit.

If you ring the shop to ask me questions, please bear in mind that I may have a shop full of customers waiting to be served, or getting orders ready to be dispatched.  This is nearly always the case, till later in the afternoon.

I had a customer recently who had to pay to pick up his package at the post office that was from me, the stamp had apparently come off (this is the new type) we normally get proof of posting, so if this has happened to you then please keep the receipt and send it all to me so I can inform the post office. I have noticed that some post office staff do not make sure the stamp is secure.