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Operating the SMK QB/XS 78

Operating the XS/QB 78

Read the Manual that you got with the gun.

The 78 can be used with one or two 12 gram capsules as standard. If you are only going to do a few shots then you can use just one capsule, just put a used one in first. This will not make any difference to the power but will give you half the number of shots from using two.

Put the first capsule in nose first and the second one with the nose facing the front, so that the bottles are put in back to back.

Don”t forget that when you put the capsules in that you must tighten the front cap firmly, this will pierce the front cap, and then undo it quickly so as to pull the piercer pin out of the hole, to allow a quicker fill of the reservoir. If you have our extra long reservoir then you can use one, two, three or four 12 gram capsules, just use the dead capsules in place of new ones.

Do not use any thing other than you fingers to tighten or unscrew the front cap. If the cap is still tight then it is usually because there is still some pressure in the reservoir. Just fire it in a safe direction until the excess pressure has dropped. Once the pressure has dropped then the cap will unscrew easily. Our extra long 4 bottle reservoir has a de gasser hole near the rear to release the final remaining bit of pressure. We have done this for those that want to use a bulk fill.

Putting a small amount of Moly 33 on the O ring makes things work easier.