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Caring For your gun

How you look after your gun will depend on what type of gun you have. What ever type of gun you have will usually mean that you should dry the gun before you put it in your gun bag/case after using. This will prevent it from going rusty, the moisture on your skin can cause rust, I have seen finger prints of rust on barrels and cylinders, wipe over with oil, do not put oil in chamber, oil pivot point if they appear dry.

If you have lubricated your gun correctly, then do not oil inside again, just keep pivots lubricated like the cocking lever, barrel hinge and detent. Replace breech seals when worn, I am surprised how many shooters forget this easy to replace item.

In addition
Pre charge guns: do not allow oil to get inside. It is best to leave your pre charge with air in to keep the valves shut. Do not overfill as this will damage the seals.

Pump ups, do not over oil but oil pivot points and make sure the cup pump washer does not run dry, but do not over oil.

Make sure external moving parts do not run dry, but they should never be swimming in oil

The MS 1 that we do is a high pressure sticky oil that tends to stay where you put it.