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Fitting the Crosman Trigger Kit

Kit includes:

 spring guide.

Weaker Stainless Steel Spring. 

Spacer shims.

Wet and Dry.

Instructional video.

Instructions for fitting the adjustable trigger kit for the Crosman Rat Catcher and 2240 pistol.

Avoid setting the trigger too light as it may go off accidentally. You can see the video on Utube :

Remove the stock or grips and then remove the trigger sear pin, this allows you to remove the sear which has some sheared rough edges. Remove the rough edges with the wet and dry supplied, you can also remove the trigger and smooth off any rough edges and smooth the rounded contact edges that contact the sear.

When you are happy with the surfaces you can replace the trigger, sear and place the spring guide into the slot and let the sear fit into the slot in the spring guide, put the spring supplied in the underside and drop onto the spigot on the cross beam. Place the required amount of spacer washers to give the required trigger pressure. If you have the adjustable nut version then adjust the nut up or down to give the required trigger pressure. When you have found the setting that suits you then place a drop of threadlock to hold the setting. Fitting a trigger shoe will also reduce the apparent trigger pull by spreading the pressure over a larger area. Below is the kit fitted, the next picture is our shim type kit and lastly the nut adjuster kit.

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