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Alarm Mine Instructions

Instructions for the TR Robb Blank Alarm.

Available in different strength Blanks.

.22 short, 8 mm auto.

Always use eye protection


1. Attach the Alarm Mine in a to a convenient tree, fence post or doorframe use a 5 mm spacer to clear the top rotating disc if required. The alarm should be pointing downwards, with the cocking arm at the top. Make sure it will not do any damage to the surroundings.

2. Hold the alarm horizontally with the smaller allen screw pointing upwards, Pull the cocking arm out just past the safety hole. Gravity may move the Allan lever downward that will cock the alarm but move a quarter of a turn to fully engage. Insert the safety R clip in the Safety hole so it cannot fall out before you put a blank in the alarm.

3. If using a trip wire, attach the loose end of the trip wire to a firm object so that the wire is stretched across the path that an intruder
 may take. Fix the other to the trigger arm so that it will pull the arm to be opposite the small screw. Can also be set so that a door or object can move the arm to align with firing short screw. Do not remove the safety pin until you are sure the alarm is set correctly.

4. Place the correct size blank into the slot at the end of the alarm mine. Place one or two O rings (depending on size) over evenly to secure the blank.

5. Once the safety clip is removed the alarm mine is now armed and the slightest pressure on the trip wire or arm movement that aligns it near the short allen screw will release the striker and fire the blank
, causing an appropriate bang.

Contents Terry’s Alarm

  • 1 X Alarm Mine unit
  • 4 X Wood Screws
  • 1 X Instruction Sheet on website
  • 2 X holding brackets
  • 5 X Blank Cartridges if collected
  • 1 x Safety Pin with release