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New Guns

SMK 501 in stock. At a price of £145.00 collected from the shop or to your local RFD. Initial power tests show that the gun performs better than guns that can cost 3 X the price. Can also supply the tuning kit free when you buy the 501 rifle from us. 
Remington Express de-tuned for the UK only £139.00 with scope.
Artemis Pre-Charge target pistol £219.00 very good.
CP1 Co2 .177 & .22 Target Pistol £120.00
CP1 M and spare .22 mags £19.99
QB 78 £120.00 deal price
XS 78 £100.00
XS Match .177 Aperture sights  £185.00
PP700W Pre Charge Target Pistol £149.00
Kral Pre Charge Rifle
Kral Pre Charge Bulpup Rifle
SMK M22 Pre charge .22 £390.00
SMK 900 Pre Charge .22 now in only £199.00 and free bag brilliant
SMK 600 Co2 powered as the 900 but runs on Co2 instead of compressed air.
Blank Firing Revolver .22 (6 mm) Olympic Takes the .22 short and long. £45.00
Crosman 2300T Target Pistol £199.00 Normally £249.00

Colt Peace maker aged black £199.00 now £145.00

Kral Bullpup with Side Lever.

Pictures are shown in our second hand page.