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What is Lock Time?

What is Lock Time?
I am often asked, what is Lock Time?
This phrase originated from the old flintlock Firearms. It is the time taken on these guns from when the trigger is pulled to the ball or bullet leaving the muzzle. On a flintlock this was relatively considerable time. Once the trigger is pulled the hammer drops, the flint hits the frizzen which throws back the curved plate  this is nocked back causing sparks and igniting the black powder, this then burns into the touch hole and then the main charge in the barrel. The main charges burns rapidly and This pushes the bullet up the barrel.

Compare this to spring piston air rifle, once the trigger is pulled the piston is propelled forward compressing the air in front. This compressed air heats up even further thus making it relatively efficient. This compressed air drives the pellet/bullet up the barrel.

As you can imagine any movement after or as the trigger is pulled, will affect accuracy. That is why it is important to follow through to help maintain the sight on target.

To test the equipment, sit comfortably and use sandbags. Pre-charge Co2 and pump up or recoilless guns can be rested but it is important with spring type guns that none of the gun is resting on anything solid or it will kick off, causing poor accuracy. Spring air-guns are also affected by the way you hold, so try to hold it the same for every shot. Gripping in different position or firmness can move the shot. Check it out so you really know your gun.

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