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Airgun Lubrication Tuning etc.

When Tuning an Air Rifle it is very important to lubricate it correctly, if you have done a very good job of tuning then it will all have been a waste of time if you have not lubricated it right. Even some tuners who do it professionally can charge you a lot of money to just fill your gun with grease! The gun will be smooth and quiet, but the power will be down.


Some don”t even change any parts, or they might put in a very strong spring. If the maximum spring energy is exceeded, the result will be less power and more recoil. Accuracy will also be poor.

The correct lubricant must be used precisely to get the best and most consistent power for the model in question.

When tuning an air rifle it is also important to have bought the right model in the first place. Nearly every day I get a customer who wants to tune his gun to the legal limit. It is no good wanting to race at Le Mans, and buying a car that is made for going to the shops or local trips. It is best to buy a good sports car to start with.

A lot of large guns, look powerful but may not be able to do even 10 foot pounds.  Most modern guns are very low power when purchased from the factory. This is probably to make sure that there is no possibility of them exceeding the legal limit. The trouble is that a lot of guns are coming out of the factories between 6 and 10 foot pounds. The lower and even the upper limit of these guns are not suitable for hunting unless they are tuned closer the the limit. Even ten foot pounds is only good for short range.


It is surprising how many shooters do not realise how important the trigger is. A gun is only as good as the trigger. Any gun is only as good as the weakest part on the gun. If you have a bad trigger then it is impossible to get the best out of it.

What is a good trigger?

A good trigger is smooth and light to pull, it also gives you a good idea of when you get to the let off point. Do not go too light though as this can be dangerous.

A hard pull trigger with a long drag of a pull is very hard to shoot accurately.  We do a trigger tuning kit for the QB XS 78/79 £5.00, that can make the trigger very good, and better than a lot of expensive guns. What really surprises me is how many shooters want to tune their gun for power but do not want a trigger tuning kit. 

On the right is the transfer port restrictor fitted to some Original Diana 48/52 types. This gun would only do around 9 foot pounds (with restrictor), even with a good spring.

Tuning Kits for spring powered airguns are.

This includes:

Beast high power mainspring.

PTFE Washer.

Heavy Duty Breech Seal.

Set of 4 Lubes.

Steel Spring Guide (machined from solid steel).

Lube instructions.

Transfer Port Dimensions.

Piston Weights if required, and if beneficial.

We supply a new spring guide in the for most spring guns. This is for a better fit and greater reliability as they will never break. I have been making my one peice spring guides for 35 years and never had one break. A lot of new guns have a plastic spring guide and these can fail especially when you fit a stronger spring. Some have a spring guide made from a bit of tube, and the ends is just bent over. These bent tangs can break off.