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Titan/Falcon Set of four different strength Hammer springs.
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Titan/Falcon Set of four different strength Hammer springs. Summary

Titan/Falcon Set of four different strength Hammer springs.

For the Titan and the later Falcon set of four Hammer Springs. We used to do a set of five but customers did not want the smallest so we have done away with the smallest spring and made it a pack of four, so it is cheaper. I can still do a set of five if required and you can add the extra under the options. You can also add a steel spring guide to the set of four or five under the options drop down menu. The steel spring guide goes at the front of the spring to make the hammer heavier so you can use less spring.
Photo shows just a set of the four springs.
Set of four high quality hammer springs the Titan pre charge rifles and pistols. Can be used when your old hammer spring goes soft or has broken. Can also be used to speed up the lock time and set the power nearer the 12ft lbs unless it is already on FAC you must not exceed the legal limit of your country. If you want the gun to be over 12 then apply for an FAC air rifle first. You need a locking cabinet and some land to shoot on. Not available for pistols.
We have found a lot of guns that come out of the factory a bit on the low power side. When the gun has low power it is cruel to go hunting unless the power is near 12.
Some guns we have tested have been well below 10ft lbs so make sure you and check your independently from the gun shop where you bought it. Also make sure the chronograph you are using is high quality and accurate. Some of the small cheaper ones are not very accurate at all. If you have a cheap one then check it against a good Chrongraph of good quality before you believe it.
First picture shows a set of four for the Titan or Falcon.
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