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Sharp Innova Piston head conversion to O ring
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Sharp Innova Piston head conversion to O ring Summary

Sharp Innova Piston head conversion to O ring

Pump head conversion for the Sharp types like Innova and Ace. This converts the pump head to an O ring that is easily replaceable, this is because you cannot buy the standard cup washer. Our pump head is made of brass or Stainless Steel and has the small hole in the centre so that the relief valve still works, so the gun does not exceed our legal limit. If you live in countries that does not have a limit then this can be blocked, but this will make the gun a lot less reliable. For export I can supply them without the centre hole.
To fit this conversion you have to tap a half inch UNF thread into the hole where you have removed the cup washer, do not do it freehand but use a lathe to make sure it lines up. This is quite easy as the vacant hole is OK.
We can do this for you if you bring in the pump head, (note: not the gun).
Note: I have been informed that the copies of the innova like the Webley Rebel have a larger hole in the piston for the cup washer and would need a larger thread than the 1/2" UNF supplied on this, so this mod is not suitable for the copies only the Sharp Innova and Ace types as mentioned earlier.
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