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SMK TH 78 Longer stock Bolt Stud
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SMK TH 78 Longer stock Bolt Stud Summary

SMK TH 78 Longer stock Bolt Stud

Longer bolt stud made of Stainless Steel for the thumb hole stock. This bolt has a larger thread one end and a smaller thread the other to fit into the gun. If you want the nut in Stainless Steel as well then select it in the options with your order. Picture might show the standard stud, but this is for the longer Thumb hole stud that is a little longer. I cannot tell if this is the longer or shorter stud from the picture. I have added the SS Stud and thumb Nut as well. As you can see I have designed the thumb nut without the ugly hole that went right through so I think it looks neater.  On rare occasion you may have to put a washer or so on the stud to make it tight. The stud can also be shortened if required.

T R Robb
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