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SMK QB/XS/TH 78 or 79* Tuning kit only.
78/79 kitd
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XS 78*
SMK QB/XS/TH 78 or 79* Tuning kit only. Summary

SMK QB/XS/TH 78 or 79* Tuning kit only.

Professional Tuning Kit without the DVD. for the SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 models (not the Match, but you can send your own bolt for modification or select a Stainless one in the options). Saves you bodging it up and makes it more reliable with British made parts.

Includes modified Steel Pellet probe, our modified exhaust valve (our shaft is made of Stainless Steel and unscrews from the Brass head for easy seal replacement, unlike the std throw away one), stainless steel piercer, an Aluminium Piercer body**, Moly 33 grease, Modified Steel Valve block, MS 1 lube, and a full set of high quality replacement seals including the transfer port. These seals will last.

The standard power of these guns is only 6 to 8 ft lbs and this kit brings them nearer the 12 ft lbs limit for hunting and vermin control. Check the power after fitting to make sure the gun does not exceed 12 ft lbs. Make sure you use a reputable high quality Chronograph because we have had some customers worried that their guns have gone over or are well under after fitting our kit, only to find when it is checked on a proper chronograph that it is doing very well at 11.5 ft lbs.

Don't forget to state which calibre you require or .22 will be sent. 
*Please note that the 79 models are a bit more to cover the price with extra high Quality O rings.
Always check the power to make sure the gun does not exceed the limit of your country, after changing any parts.
**Modified piercer body eliminates original filter, washer, tube & gauze. DO NOT try to fit the filter tube or gauze in our Piercer body, our Piercer Body is made to be more efficient than the standard and made of High Quality Aircraft grade Aluminium.

On a few rare instances we have found that some XS/QBs can lock up when you tighten the top screws that hold the breech down, if yours does this then it is worth checking that your hammer operating pins are not too long. There is a square pin at the back and the round one at the front. If yours is locking up when you tighten the top screws then taking 2 to 3 mm off the bottom of these may free it up.

You can watch the video for free on this site under SMK Strip down Tuning Video on the left side panel store links, at the moment it is the fourth one down.

Most of this kit will fit the new match side lever rifle except the bolt probe which is different. But if you still want a kit then you can send me your standard Bolt probe and I can modify it so you will have the full kit.
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