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SMK 700W GreenGrip target pistol aluminium Silencer adaptor.
£23.95 inc. tax
SMK 700W GreenGrip target pistol aluminium Silencer adaptor. Summary

SMK 700W GreenGrip target pistol aluminium Silencer adaptor.

New SMK 700W Green Grip Pre Charge target pistol silencer adaptor with the standard 1/2" UNF thread, Natural Aluminium colour. Allows you to use the HW silencer for a really, really quiet gun. Other standard silencers can be used but may not be as quiet. The one made by Weihrauch is very  good. We do other silencers that are only £35.00 but not as quiet, but are smaller.
Knurled Cap thread protector is available for only £6.50 when ordered with the adaptor instead of £9.00.
These guns are very good for pest control as you can tune them to legal limit of 6 ft lbs for pistols in the UK. Don't set them too close though.
We can fit it for you if you come into the shop. If you are fitting it yourself then please be aware that you may have to redo the 8 X 1 thread on some of the barrels. Just run a die over the threads if required. So far I have only had to run a die over two gun barrels, and it appears that they are now making them better.

I have put a fixed die on this site now under the options tab. They are only cheap ones but should be able to refresh and correct any dodgy threads.

To have it fitted just bring your gun in for fitting.
The special tool in Stainless Steel is available under the options tab when you order the Silencer Adaptor.
We are doing a special deal on the standard pistols at the moment. for just £149.00 or £165.00 with the adaptor. Just quote this page.

The power limit for a pistol is 6 foot pounds.

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