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BSA Meteor adjustable modified piston head Early Leather replacement
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BSA Meteor adjustable modified piston head Early Leather replacement Summary

BSA Meteor adjustable modified piston head Early Leather replacement

Adjustable BSA piston head made in Stainless Steel for the Early BSA Meteor air rifle that had a leather washer.
This has the similar fixing for the leather type washer but is supplied with a PTFE replacement for low friction and can also have more stroke. The head is fixed on with a nut and locktite to prevent it working loose.
     I used to tune these in the sixties and seventies and they used to perform very good for such a middle range rifle.

Easy fitting with circular or hexagon nut with holding side hole or nut. Photo shows the later O ring type piston head but this is for the older Leather type. I will put the photos on soon. We have changed them to a nut fixing so you can use a socket and extension. 
You can use a socket and extension to tighten or undo the fixing nut, use a little Locktite to prevent it from working loose.
 Made in high quality Stainless Steel. Comes with three different buffer washer thicknesses to adjust the stroke.
Also includes the PTFE Washer to fit the Stainless Steel insert.
Although the Meteor is a small air rifle, it can be tuned to be nearer the Uk limit by Increasing the stroke. To get the BSA Meteor nearer the 12 ft lbs Air rifle limit use our Beast High Power Spring with the increased stroke mod. It can be very good for a lightweight gun. Make sure you do not exceed 12 foot foot pounds.
The adjustable securing nut is easy to remove when required and will never come off unlike like some of the standard ones.

It is best to use our Heavy Duty Breech Seal with our parts as the standard one will normally leak when trying to handle the extra power..

Always check the power to make sure the gun does not exceed your limit, after changing any parts, it is unlikely that the Meteor would go over 12 but they can be very close if using our Beast spring.
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