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Airgun Spring Compressor Steel for professional use.
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Airgun Spring Compressor Steel for professional use. Summary

Airgun Spring Compressor Steel for professional use.

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The one I have in stock has a large wheel handle. The one shown has the small handle. That is of today Friday 31/08/2018.
The Original Professional Steel Spring Airgun Spring Compressor made as my original design, but improved with large 25 mm square Steel Heads and very long travel (around 10 inches) screw and quick wind Wheel handle, first picture shows the wheel handle version, and power drive nut for drill if required (select Wheel handle in the options tab).
Course thread for quicker travel. Approximately 3 feet long to cover all Spring guns, and you don't have to remove the barrel, so it is quicker to remove the Mainspring. This is for Professional use to make it easier and Safer to change Airgun Mainsprings. Takes the hassle and struggle to assemble even strong airgun springs like the HW 80 or Original, Diana and RWS 35-50.
The photo is of the wheel version that also comes with nut for driving with a variable drill, to speed up the process. But they may normally come with a crank handle for fast hand operation and control.
If you want it with the wheel handle it is free at the moment just select with wheel Handle in the options tab, this also comes with a nut on the end so you can use a battery drill driver if required.
At the moment I am including the two angle brackets so you can bolt it to a workbench. Also includes one general purpose adaptor.

 Just slot in different adaptors to suit the gun you are working on. Extra Adaptors can be made from Hard Plastic or hard wood, depending on what you are doing. The compressor comes with one general purpose adaptor that have a flat end, and two angle brackets to fix to work bench. 

These are made for Gun shops, professional, or keen Air gunner who want to strip or tune Spring powered airguns. Without all the struggling and danger when removing or replacing a high power spring.
These spring compressors are used by a lot of Airgun Shops which I made for them many years ago. The only spare I have had to supply for one near me was the adjustable pin because they lost it.

Made to order, just let me know if you want one to collect or I can ask if Hermes will deliver. Hermes should be able to do this for £10.00

T R Robb
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