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DVD Strip down & fitting a tuning kit

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DVD Strip down & fitting a tuning kit Summary

DVD Strip down & fitting a tuning kit video giving a step by step guide from stripping down the whole gun, to fitting either replacement or tuned parts, tips and tricks. Testing and setting up when finished. Done from digital master these are not the dodgy pirate versions. The CP 88 is for strip down and reassembly only, it is not worth tuning these as they are only for informal plinking.
Available for the following models:

Air Arms S200
Air Arms S300/S310/S410
Air Arms RN 10
BSA Super 10
Career 707
Crosman Discovery
Crosman Ratcatcher/Rabbit Stopper
SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79
Theoben Rapid 7/12
Titan Falcon
Walther CP88/Beretta 92F & Similar Models
Webley Axsor
Weihrauch HW 77/97
Weihrauch HW 80
Weihrauch HW 99

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