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Adjustable pellet seater
Adjustable pellet seater, for Break Barrel Airguns, Can be used for all calibre's for greater accuracy and power. If you count the number of turns the you can set it for all the different guns that you...
Adjustable Pellet Sizer Stai..
Our Adjustable Pellet sizer in High quality Stainless Steel, the picture now Shows the sizer fitted with the two outer Allen screws made of Stainless steel. Designed to always keep the front smaller than...
Air Arms S300/S310/S410 2 di..
Pack of 2 different strength exhaust valve springs for advanced tuners. Always check the power to make sure the gun does not the legal limit.
Air Arms S300/S310/S410 Tuni..
Air Arms S300/S310/S410 Kits Include four different Strength hammer springs + 3 X Reservoir seals + lube + Molykote 33 grease for the seals. We also make a new Exhaust Valve made with a fraction longer...
Brocock Set of three differe..
Set of the three hammer springs for the Brocock Rifles. Photo shows the spring set, but this set ranges from medium to strong in power. Set of three high quality hammer springs the Brocock pre charge rifles....
Crosman Silencer Adaptor Black
Silencer Adaptor Made from Aluminium for lightweight. Fixes to barrel with Locktite so it sets more accurately than those that use a grub screw that will pull it to one side. Made with the standard thread...
Din screw adaptor Stainless ..
This is a Stainless Steel (not chrome plated) Din fitting that screws into a 300 bar air bottle with a gauge on, to refill pre charge airguns. It comes with the O ring seal and has a male din fitting to...
FX 200 Pressure gauge adapto..
Pressure gauge adaptor in Stainless Steel with a smaller hole for extra strength as the standard Brass one tends to break. Also includes a PTFE sealing plug. Can also supply the inner body in Stainless...
FX 2000 S Steel gauge holder..
This our new Stainless steel pressure gauge holder and PTFE Seal for inside the thread. Made with a smaller hole for extra strength and made of Stainless steel to make it stronger than the standard brass...
Hatsan AT 44 Seal Set
Hatsan AT44 Set of O rings and sachet of Molycote 33.
Hatsan AT 44 Seal Set and Ex..
Hatsan AT 44 Exhaust Valve and O ring set with a sachet of Molycote 33 O ring and Exhaust Valve lube. Always check the power to make sure the gun does not exceed your limit, after changing any parts.
High Pressure strong hose
Our High pressure tough hose does not bend and kink easy like a lot of hoses do. We have them in Male end and Male end, Female each end and most combinations.
Kral Bullpup Pre Charge Powe..
Kral Bullpup Rear adjusting cap in Aluminium with larger diameter spring guide. This is to replace the standard one that has a very small diameter spring guide. The standard cap has an anti tamper cap...
Kral Bullpup Pre Charge Set ..
Kral Bullpup set of Four Hammer Springs varying from weak to strong. You will need to remove the adjuster at the back to gain access to the hammer spring. The hammer spring on these guns will resonate...
SMK 900 Pre Charge Rifle
New SMK 900 Pre Charge .22 Picture shows the whole gun so you can get an idea of how they look. I have made some filler probes in Stainless Steel. Comes with a single shot tray and also a seven shot magazine....
SMK 900 Pressure Gauge
SMK 900 Pre Charge Pressure Gauge that has a standard BSP thread.
SMK 900 Stainless Steel Fill..
SMK 900 filler probe made of Stainless Steel and quick connector machined in one. Much stronger than Brass. Quick connectors also available in the options.
SMK Artemis Pre-Charge targe..
Artemis PP700 Pre-Charge target pistol Silencer adaptor in natural Ally silver so you can use the HW Silencer, for real sound reduction. We also make the special tool too remove the front cap to fit our...
SMK Artemis Pre-Charge targe..
Artemis PP700 Pre-Charge target pistol filler probe made of Stainless Steel and quick connector machined in one. Much stronger than Brass.
SMK Bull pup Pre Charge Deal
New SMK Bull Pup Pre Charge .These prices are Collection only, we are open on a Thursday or Friday ten till five. Photo shows the front of the P10 silencer adaptor. These can be purchased with the gun...